Love Stories

Love comes in all forms. Each story will play out differently, but all great love stories started somewhere.  Every couple is different and we do our best to capture your unique connection and genuine romance. There is no other love quite like yours. Let us capture it for you, so you can cherish those moments for years to come.

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Engagement / Couples Sessions

You don’t need to necessarily be engaged, or even pre-wedding! You can choose to celebrate your love story at any stage of the relationship, even if you’ve been married for 30 years!

These sessions are designed to celebrate and explore your unique relationship story, and are very flexible in theme and location, to ensure that they best represent your individual personalities and your relationship together.

We include a free engagement session with all of our full day weddings, because we love taking this opportunity to get to know you. An engagement session is the perfect time to get comfortable in front of the camera and it helps you be more relaxed on your wedding day. I was once asked by a student of a photography workshop, “how do you make it so it seems like you aren’t there?”. The secret is that we don’t try to be invisible. Instead we want to get to know our clients and form friendships with them, so that when their wedding day arrives, it doesn’t feel like there is a vendor tagging along taking photos, but rather we are a part of the day.

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Every love story is beautiful, but YOURS is our favorite!

We are hopeless romantics at heart. There is no moment more romantic than that tear in the eye of a groom when he first glances his perfectly beautiful bride walking down the aisle. That should never be lost. Or the pride on a mothers face as her baby boy squeezes her one last time at the end of their mother son dance. That should never be forgotten. Or the first time a father sees his little girl in that white dress. That should never be missed. We understand what these moments mean to you. We are honored to be a part of so many amazing couples big days. It is a responsibility we take seriously, and we love every minute of it.

We know in today’s market there are many choices when selecting a wedding photographer. It is an investment which will last long after the wedding day has ended, and stand as your documentation of your day long after memories have faded. We encourage you to view some of our work to see if you like our style and if so, please contact us. We would love to discuss with you how we could capture your big day.

After the kiss, after the dance, after the cake and catering are gone, how will you remember your big day?


Our day to day lives have us all so busy that time seems to fly by. We often forget to stop and appreciate the little things until it’s too late. Our Milestones photography is all about the big moments that only happen once. You don’t want to let it pass without documenting it so that years from now you can look back and remember it like it was just yesterday.

Senior Portraits

It’s probably shocking to most of you reading this if you’re thinking about senior portraits. It’s either shocking that your baby girl or boy has grown up so fast, I know the feeling, I have a freshman this year. Or it’s a shock that it’s finally your senior year. Honestly, I can’t believe how long it’s been since my senior year. It seems like yesterday. That’s how it happens though. Before you know it you’ll blink and be back here in your hometown for a ten or twenty year reunion. Don’t be in too big of a hurry though. Enjoy every bit of your youth while you have it. You’ll want to have something to look back on though, and your friends will want something to remember you by as you all go off to college next year.

It’s all about YOU

That’s where we come in. We can work together to find out how we can setup the perfect senior portrait session for YOU. Your session will be different than anyone else’s because you’re different. It should show off your strengths, and individuality, your passions, and creativity. This whole process might seem like a total pain or maybe just intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We have both a male and female photographer who will be available for your session if you have a preference, and often it’s both of us.We have been doing this for over a decade now and we have an awesome studio in downtown Salem, with different scenes built into our space. We have a great Senior Portrait Guide, read it and let us know what you think. Look at Our Work. Then Contact Us, we don’t bite. We would be happy to sit down at our studio and discuss all the details.


Family Photography & Lifestyle Sessions

Life just fly’s by right before our eyes, we all try our best to stop time for just a second and savor it forever…
Whether its a celebration of a new life, a wedding anniversary, family reunion, or simply just enjoying our loved ones. Family photos are something to cherish no matter what stage in life your family is at, & being able to enjoy that moment is something we promise, will make that celebration even sweeter.

We all get caught up in the craziness of our day to day, sometimes those crazy moments are the best ones. Life Style sessions are simply those crazy, sweet moments captured. Candid photography is beautiful, raw, emotional and sometimes funny, but to have a perspective of those moments is absolutely priceless…

Sports & Events

What if our kids could have sports portraits that looked like the Sports Illustrated covers of the athletes they look up to? Or if they didn’t cost any more than you are already paying for those flat boring pictures you’re getting now? How about if instead of waiting half way through the season to get a button, you could have it in 2-3 weeks? What if it cost the league absolutely nothing to switch and all it takes is your voice?

We didn’t set out in our photography career with intentions of sports photography, but we are parents ourselves. We got sick and tired of the same things that you are sick and tired of. The difference is, we knew we could fix it. We have been providing the highest quality dynamic sports portraits in the area for 6 years now. Our list of clients continues to grow every year. We strive to bring fresh ideas every year so that neither the parents or the kids get bored. See some of our work on our portfolio page.

If you want the best in sports portraits, talk to your coaches and administrators or contact us. See our current pricing here.



We offer a wide range of commercial photography services please contact us today for a quote.

Real Estate

We offer very competitive pricing on high quality real estate photography. An average home starts at just $155, and our turn around time is 24 hours to deliver both high resolution and MLS sized images to you. We have been working with local agents for years and can provide samples of our work. See a video on our portfolio page or contact us for more information.

Are you really taking photos of your listings with your iPhone? As Dr. Phil says, how’s that working for you?

You caution your sellers about the importance of curb appeal. You counsel them to clean up and maybe even stage the home’s interior. Then you come along, snap some quick photos on your smartphone and slap them on the MLS.

While curb appeal is your client’s responsibility, web appeal is yours. You have one chance to impress – a scant two seconds to grab a buyer’s attention without a photograph and 20 seconds with one. Do iPhone listing photos or those you take with a point-and-shoot camera make optimum use of those valuable seconds?

Back Away From the iPhone and Hire a Photographer

Corporate Head-shots

We know how important it is to look good when representing your brand. Don’t rely on “deer in the headlights” passport photos or outdated, inconsistent team portraits for your website.

We can come to you. We will setup out of the way in a conference room and take high quality professional head-shots on site. Our personable team will make the process a breeze for everyone in your office. We are efficient and well organized, with options for you to choose from for delivery of final images. Non disclosure agreements and commercial usage releases are standard for these types of jobs, so everything is password protected.

We service corporate clients all over the Eastern United States, contact us today for a quote.

Catalog / Product Photography

We have extensive experience with web design and photography for e-commerce websites as well as numerous local and national print catalogs.

We would love to discuss your needs and work out a quote that will work for you.



I have always had a passion for sharing knowledge. When I was the president of the local photography club , I frequently hosted classes. I also, taught lighting workshops for other professional photographers throughout NE Ohio. With our new studio space we are looking forward to some new education opportunities.


We have planned four 2 hour classes that we will be scheduling in a series this winter. We will announce dates here as well as information on how to register. The subjects will be: Composition, light and shadow, DSLR 101(requires DSLR), and Exposure 101(requires any camera capable of adjusting ISO, SS, Aperture).

Mentoring / Second Shooters

While it is not often we do on occasion offer opportunities to photographers we have worked with and trust to second shoot. We also offer mentoring if our workload permits and we feel it is a beneficial relationship.