Soccer Mom in the Studio.

In case you didn’t know we are a soccer family. This year all 4 of our boys are playing, and we couldn’t be prouder!
Watching their skills grow and seeing the look on their face when they score a goal, it’s literally the best feeling.
Joe and I wanted to take some fun soccer pictures with them this year because, well… Why not!? Everyone loves the yearly team photo, but when you happen to be a photographer sometimes it’s fun to use your own kids as guinea pigs!
We happened to have the green screen already set up, everyone’s uniforms were clean and *gasp* stain free (I’m certain that won’t last for long…) So we thought no time is better then the present, let’s do this!

About 2 minutes into this whole adventure, we realized our two littles jerseys just happened to be green…
And we are shooting on the GREEN screen, ugh.
Who’s idea was this anyways??? ūüėĎ
Ethan thought it was funny…
In my defense, it just so happen to be the first day of school as well. So my brain was scrambled eggs by this point in the day.
It’s okay, we’ll deal with it later…
All in all, we got some pretty awesome soccer pictures of our handsome players.

These fun ones¬†were all Joe’s idea, he took their goofy faces and ran with it!


I of course wanted at least one of all of them with their tough soccer faces. How adorable!

¬†Achieving this pose¬†was the equivalent of feeding a grain of rice to an elephant…

I¬†definitely felt obligated to share the behind the scenes of our pictures, simply because our kids are like everyone else’s kid’s. They. Are. Kid’s! They are excited, hyper, silly, cranky, and hard to pose!
So don’t ever feel like your alone when your child is being difficult when you take them for pictures. Even the professional’s kid’s are crazy sometimes, that’s just how it is. So try to enjoy those crazy moments and silly face pictures. One day you will cherish them.

And, yes¬†that IS the passcode to the “He-Man Women Haters Club” that Ethan is doing… Just in case you were wondering.