About Us


First and foremost I am a mom. I take pride in that being my best accomplishment in life. I have been beyond blessed with 5 beautiful souls that I get to help & watch grow. Two of them came from me, and three of them were made before I was part of their lives. They are all so amazing & incredibly special in their own way, I might be biased but that’s okay! I feel that being a mom gives me a huge advantage. I can relate to how the mom of a newborn baby feels during their newborn session, I can relate to the mom that just wants a great family picture to hang above their fire place and I think about being that mom that I watch dance with her son on his wedding day. Because I have been and will be that mom… Photography is always something that I’ve loved and enjoyed, when Joe came into my life we both had that passion in common. In the days before I had children I used to model. When I was 12 my mom got me involved in Barbizon and I fell in love with the industry. From the age of 13 thru 18 I had the privilege of traveling & working with several​ different agencies and photographers. It was absolutely amazing. My passion for it never died, just got put on the back burner when I became a mom. Once my children got older and involved in things it became something I started doing more and more. My roll changed from being in front of the camera to being behind it. Then I met Joe… He was literally my missing piece. I get to work with my best friend every single day and I love every moment of it. In the words of Joe “We are like peanut butter and jelly” as corny as that sounds, it’s true. We are great on our own, but we work even better together. Our love for one another definitely shows in our work, and we never try to hide it. No matter what we do, whether it’s driving in the car or shooting a wedding. We try our hardest to have fun and make it a memorable experience. Life is too short not too.



Passion…Love…See…Create…Give…Be true to yourself…

Who am I? I am a photographer. I am an artist. I am creative. I am passionate. I am a father. I am a lover. I am a friend. I give all of myself to the people and things that I love. I like reading, music, and spending time in nature.

From as far back as I can remember I was fascinated with taking pictures. Its hard to say where my journey in photography started. I began to learn the fundamentals in a photography class in high school. I learned exposure first, the way it should be learned. I shot film, 35mm, black and white, and I developed my own negatives and prints in a darkroom. Having learned the right way, the hard way, offers me a distinct advantage over many modern photographers. I know what I’m doing. I pride myself on this. On my expertise in exposure, lighting, composition, and the physics of light. I have spent my entire career in visual arts, from web design and graphic design to lithography. Around 2005 the photography industry embraced professional Digital SLRs and I, using my experience and knowledge if film photography and graphic design, threw myself into photography.

I work hard and I give generously of my time and knowledge. I gained the respect of my peers and was asked to take on the role of President of a local photography club. This is when I began teaching classes and workshops for other local professional and amateur photographers.

I am a romantic at heart so it was only natural that I would gravitate toward wedding photography. I love sharing in the stories of my clients. I love being a witness to their love stories and capturing the moments that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. I consider weddings to be my specialty. I perform well under the pressure and know what it takes to think on my feet with the challenges of a wedding day. I like to tell my brides, ‘expect nothing to go exactly as you planned but everything to be perfect’. I don’t want to be seen as just another vendor. I want to get to know each of my clients and their families and wedding party. I want to capture who they are, and create images that represent their story.

Aside from weddings, I also do senior portraits, family portraits, sports teams, and commercial work. I try to bring a unique style and a dynamic look to everything I shoot. I’d love to sit down with you an discuss why you should choose me as your photographer.

Time is fleeting… Make the memories last forever.