To teach, is to love…

One question we get alot is “Who takes pictures of you guys??”
Well… We do.
Up untill now that is, a couple of our children have recently shown some interest in photography. This year our oldest, Angelina will be starting her freshman year *gulp*.
She is taking photography as one of her electives, and has been asking to get behind the camera. With the launch of our new website Joe and I agreed we needed some new photos of us. So we grabbed a couple cameras, an off camera flash & Angelina and headed to Gulford Lake…
-Now I might add, a couple of years ago Angel got her own professional camera as a birthday gift, so she is no stranger to creativity behind the camera.

A picture Angel took on our trip to Florida.
 Her little brothers, and our family pets are always her subjects of choice however. But for the first time she is the photographer, taking pictures of photographers, that just so happen to be her parents.
That’s no easy task.
So, back to the story…
We set up the camera settings and the flash, then pretty much told her to have fun…
After several minutes of her getting comfortable with the camera, her creativity started flowing. One of our proudest moments of that night is when she started taking pictures of us when we didn’t expect it. Those are the pictures that we might not use for the website, but ones that we will cherish forever.
If we could teach our children anything about photography, it would be to capture moments like this.
     Pure, unexpected moments that you can’t pose or plan. That is what makes a good photographer a great one.
So who knows, maybe some day one (or all) of our kids will take up the family business, and keep our legacy alive. Or, maybe they will just use it as a hobby to take photos of their own children. No matter what they do, I hope one day when they pick up a camera or even take a picture on their phone they will think of us. Or their exposure…
Either way we will be proud.


Rose Lynn

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