Behind the Lens

Soccer Mom in the Studio.

In case you didn’t know we are a soccer family. This year all 4 of our boys are playing, and we couldn’t be prouder!
Watching their skills grow and seeing the look on their face when they score a goal, it’s literally the best feeling.
Joe and I wanted to take some fun soccer pictures with them this year because, well… Why not!? Everyone loves the yearly team photo, but when you happen to be a photographer sometimes it’s fun to use your own kids as guinea pigs!
We happened to have the green screen already set up, everyone’s uniforms were clean and *gasp* stain free (I’m certain that won’t last for long…) So we thought no time is better then the present, let’s do this!

About 2 minutes into this whole adventure, we realized our two littles jerseys just happened to be green…
And we are shooting on the GREEN screen, ugh.
Who’s idea was this anyways??? ūüėĎ
Ethan thought it was funny…
In my defense, it just so happen to be the first day of school as well. So my brain was scrambled eggs by this point in the day.
It’s okay, we’ll deal with it later…
All in all, we got some pretty awesome soccer pictures of our handsome players.

These fun ones¬†were all Joe’s idea, he took their goofy faces and ran with it!


I of course wanted at least one of all of them with their tough soccer faces. How adorable!

¬†Achieving this pose¬†was the equivalent of feeding a grain of rice to an elephant…

I¬†definitely felt obligated to share the behind the scenes of our pictures, simply because our kids are like everyone else’s kid’s. They. Are. Kid’s! They are excited, hyper, silly, cranky, and hard to pose!
So don’t ever feel like your alone when your child is being difficult when you take them for pictures. Even the professional’s kid’s are crazy sometimes, that’s just how it is. So try to enjoy those crazy moments and silly face pictures. One day you will cherish them.

And, yes¬†that IS the passcode to the “He-Man Women Haters Club” that Ethan is doing… Just in case you were wondering.


To teach, is to love…

One question we get alot is “Who takes pictures of you guys??”
Well… We do.
Up untill now that is, a couple of our children have recently shown some interest in photography. This year our oldest, Angelina will be starting her freshman year *gulp*.
She is taking photography as one of her electives, and has been asking to get behind the camera. With the launch of our new website Joe and I agreed we needed some new photos of us. So we grabbed a couple cameras, an off camera flash & Angelina and headed to Gulford Lake…
-Now I might add, a couple of years ago Angel got her own professional camera as a birthday gift, so she is no stranger to creativity behind the camera.

A picture Angel took on our trip to Florida.
 Her little brothers, and our family pets are always her subjects of choice however. But for the first time she is the photographer, taking pictures of photographers, that just so happen to be her parents.
That’s no easy task.
So, back to the story…
We set up the camera settings and the flash, then pretty much told her to have fun…
After several minutes of her getting comfortable with the camera, her creativity started flowing. One of our proudest moments of that night is when she started taking pictures of us when we didn’t expect it. Those are the pictures that we might not use for the website, but ones that we will cherish forever.
If we could teach our children anything about photography, it would be to capture moments like this.
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Pure, unexpected moments that you can’t pose or plan. That is what makes a good photographer a great one.
So who knows, maybe some day one (or all) of our kids will take up the family business, and keep our legacy alive. Or, maybe they will just use it as a hobby to take photos of their own children. No matter what they do, I hope one day when they pick up a camera or even take a picture on their phone they will think of us. Or their exposure…
Either way we will be proud.


Love Stories

This is how we roll…

One of our favorite types of sessions are engagement sessions. First of all, they are so much fun! Secondly, it gives us a great opportunity to get to know our bride and groom. We cannot stress enough how important it is for a subject to be comfortable around their photographers. Especially a bride and groom who will spend upwards to 12 hours with us on their wedding day. We have found that engagement sessions are a great way for couples to feel comfortable around us before their big day.

So here is a little bit from our most recent engagement session Danny and Pricie…

When we met Danny and Pricie at our very first meeting we knew right off the bat that they aren’t the typical bride and groom.
They referred to themselves as “Gearheads” and explained their love of old cars. As soon as we heard that Joe and I looked at each other with light bulbs going off in our minds, we are going to have fun with this one!

Pricie & Danny decided they wanted to go for a rockabilly themed E-session, (how cool!) since their wedding is going to be based around cars it tied into their theme perfectly.
We shot at Sliver Bridge and Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio.
No detail on their part was missed, from Pricie’s perfectly matched lipstick and nail polish to Danny’s wallet chain. They looked like they came straight out of a movie, literally.
It. Was. Perfect.
Their Monte Carlo even fit on the bridge like a glove.

Not only were Pricie & Danny on point but Mother Nature was on point that night as well.
The sky was amazing.

They may look fierce, but they are such a sweet and genuine couple.
Right now their¬†big day¬†is just about a year away, from the attention to detail they put into their engagement session we are certain their wedding is sure to blow us away…


New studio, New website, New Joseph Lynn Photography!

We wanted to completely give our website a new fresh look, because let’s be honest a lot has changed. But trust us, change is good!
Our new studio took a lot of time, passion, & creativity, and we couldn’t be happier with it. That project inspired us to give even more of us, into our business…

We absolutely love what we do, not many people can say they get to work with their best friend everyday and also do what they love. But, we can. One thing we have learned so far is, life is crazy, fast, & beautiful. To take those beautiful moments, stop them in time, and have the ability to share them with others is a pretty awesome thing if you ask me.
One thing we absolutely take pride in is if you aren’t our friend before you become our client, you will be. We love our clients, they are literally *The Best*!
One of the features of our new website that I (Rose) am super excited about is our blog. We love learning about our clients, when we take their pictures we want to tell their story. And there’s always a fun backstory behind so many of our photos, and now with our new blog we can share those stories. Hopefully you will find them as amusing as we do! We never seem to have a dull moment around here, and we wouldn’t change that for anything. We hope that everyone will get to learn a little more about us through our blogging as well.
Between our amazing experiences, funny stories, & crazy rant’s you’ll surely be amused.

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